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All Freedom internet connections include the rental of a FRITZ!Box modem. Freedom determines which rental modem suits your order.

Using Your Own Modem

It's possible to use your own hardware. If you have your own modem, please indicate this during the order process. In that case, you will receive a €2 discount per month on your subscription.

Purchasing a FRITZ!Box Modem

You can also choose to purchase the FRITZ!Box modem for €150. Specify during the order process that you want to buy the modem and which type of modem you'd like to purchase. In that case, you will receive a €2 discount per month on your subscription.

The warranty is for 1 year. If something goes wrong with your modem after that first year, we will provide you with a replacement rental modem. This way, you can continue to use your internet connection.

FRITZ!Box from your current provider

In some cases, you can also choose to take over the FRITZ!Box modem from your current internet provider. You can inquire with your current provider to see if this is possible and what the associated costs are. Before making this choice, ensure that security updates are still being released for that modem type. If no more updates are being released for that modem type, you may be buying a potential security vulnerability. Check here if your modem type is still supported with new security updates.

FRITZ!Box modems 

FRITZ!Box 5530

This modem is for fiber connections of the AON and GPON types, where the fiber cable is directly connected to the 'fiber port.' In this case, the fiber access point has a patch cover, not an NTU (media converter). A cable comes out of the patch cover, which is connected to the fiber port of the FRITZ!Box.

More information about the FRITZ!Box 5530

FRITZ!Box 7590

This modem is suitable for fiber connections with a GPON or XGSPON ONT, an NTU (media converter), and of course for DSL (copper) connections.

More information about the FRITZ!Box 7590.

Please note that this modem is not suitable for DSL connections with pair bonding.

FRITZ!Box 7583

This modem is specifically designed for DSL with pair bonding and is supplied in combination with the Y-cable. The FRITZ!Box 7583 can also be used on regular DSL connections and on fiber optic connections with an NTU (media converter).

More information about the FRITZ!Box 7583.