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Freedom Internet is an internet provider that takes your privacy and online security seriously. We offer not only fast and stable internet connections through fiber and DSL, digital TV, and calling but also advocate for a safe and free internet. At Freedom, you are not just a number; you are a person. We prefer to work towards satisfied customers and a safer, more liberated internet rather than for profit-hungry shareholders. You can read more about our story in 'Why Freedom.'

Freedom BV operates under the umbrella of the Stichting Appeltaart, which safeguards and keeps the ideological principles of the BV up to date. This unique legal structure ensures that we do not succumb to commercial temptations. Our most significant motivation is our domain name,, which has been loaned to us by Bits of Freedom (BoF). If we fail to uphold our goals, BoF can reclaim this domain name!

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